by: Team Acult Research: Lea Luniewicz, Nate Smith-Ide, Gian Paul Graziosi, Catharine Pirie and Augi Cummings

This was serious. This was by no means meant to be a fun dive. Dropping underneath ol’ blue, we were there for a purpose. We had one goal and one goal only…to catch some Gobies. Diving down like navy seals, we hunted around Cathedral Rock for our prize. For thirty minutes we searched high and low for those pesky fish. Hiding within the brainy coral, we scavenged like dogs the underwater realm. Spotlight gobies, commonly confused for the sharknose goby, disguised the trophy fish we sought. As we contoured the rock like skilled spelunkers, we maneuvered in and around the treacherous rocks. Catching gobies is not as easy as it sounds. With odds against our mission, we succeeded in capturing three.

Racing back to campus with only one thing on our mind: get them to the lab. With one last hoorah, we leapt ashore while our team sped back to the wet lab, to secure them in the pairing tank. Today we learned something. The marine world is beautiful and loving.