It’s my favorite time of year again; pumpkins, fall foliage, warm sweaters and…..CONCHtribution! Today is the first day of the 2010 Alumni CONCHtribution Campaign, an annual giving campaign for Island School alumni to show their support by donating to the Cape Eleuthera Foundation’s annual fund.  Last year we raised over $17,000 with over 30% participation in the two months of the campaign, and we’ve set our goals even higher this year.
There are plenty of reasons to CONCHtribute in 2010.  As always, the alumni classes are competing for the highest participation rate, with the winning class getting a plaque placed on the Golden Conch, which hangs prominently in The Island School dining hall.  Secondly, this year the first $5,000 of the campaign will go toward supporting the journey of one Deep Creek Middle School student during the 2010-2011 school year.  And finally, donors from any class whose participation rate surpasses 60% will receive a FREE Island School alumni t-shirt, featuring the logo to the right.

Need I say more?  Clearly now is the best time to go to the CONCHtribution page and donate!  Thank you for your continued support of the Cape Eleuthera Foundation!