As our collective community jumped back into the academic swing of things this last monday, I had my literature classes write 6-word memoirs reflecting on their experiences during the last three weeks. Students wrote 6-word memoirs describing their Down Island Trips, Kayak Trips, and 48 hour solos on Lighthouse beach. Enjoy the poignant reflection that can only be provided in six words:
Brigid: “Hungry, singing among moonlit beach trash” (solo)

Augie: “Food babies run from booming speakers” (DIT)

George: “lightening crashes near my spoongebob tarp” (solo)

Daisy: “Happiness in the shape of food” (DIT)

Heather: “Time, peace, patience, simplicity, reflection, discovery” (solo)

Sasha: “Songs never stopped, the sun did” (kayak)

Sarah F. “Watching sand crabs in crazy creek” (kayak)

Hammy: “Meet people I thought I knew” (kayak)

Liam: “Thinking in my chair all day” (solo)

Louise: “Bored, hungry Louise leads to INSANITY” (solo)

Pheobe: “lying alone in my hammock all day, writing” (solo)

Aubrey: “Shakira never sung so loud before” (solo)

Catharine: “We only paddled harder and harder” (kayak)

Will O: “Turtle, turtle, turtle. Turtle, nurdle, turtle” (DIT)

Chris P: “The ground can be my home” (solo)

Jack: “Solitude is life’s greatest thinking time” (solo)

Rachael: “We don’t eat in orange restaurants” (DIT)

Marianne: “Staring contest with crabs in morning” (solo)

Garneisha: “Rudder broke, paddle hard, or capsize!” (kayak)

Chamon: “Fast paced morning leads to dolphins” (DIT)

Julia: “My crazy creek was every, where?” (solo)

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