By:  the aquaculture research class; Aldis, Emma, Izza, Marco, Bronte and Elizabeth

This semester’s research is focusing on lowering the percentage of fishmeal that is included in aquaculture fish food. This is a poem describing what we do each week with the aquaculture research class.

On this fine day

In the month before May,

We hope to share with you

What we’ve been up to.

Each Tuesday and Friday

With cobia we play.

Our hope and our wish,

‘Tis to feed them less fish.

So a study we have set

Six tanks, topped with nets,

With three different feeds

We meet their food needs.

The different percents

Of fishmeal contents,

We’re hoping will show

On which they will grow.

Standard and total lengths

We’ll measure on planks.

Their weights are recorded

New fishmeals imported.

We’re wanting to stress

Wild fish stocks much less

And can’t wait to show you,

What all we do.