Prince Harry, during his recent visit to The Bahamas in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, held a Youth Leaders Luncheon for a select group of outstanding students chosen for their exceptional leadership skills. Those in attendance represented several organizations throughout The Bahamas including three Island School alumni and one DCMS student were present at the luncheon. IS alumnae and BESS scholars Alannah Vellacot (F’08) and Truranda Cox (S’11), IS alumna Aly Boyce (F’10), and DCMS student Moesha Leary were among the lucky few to meet Prince Harry last week. They had the opportunity to discuss environmental initiatives with the Prince and had a great time!

Here is a detailed account from Alannah of her experience at the Youth Leaders Luncheon:

“Along with his buzzing entourage of assistants and photographers, Prince Harry made his way around the room, visiting each table that represented various clubs and organizations, shook hands with each member and had a short but sweet conversation. Finally he approached our table, I’m certain that both Tru and I held our breaths. From left to right he shook our hands, asking our name and what we were about. When he got to Tru, it was almost like he had dialed an automated answering machine! Tru spat out the textbook version of the BREEF mission and the work we have done in the community. After about 30 seconds of large words moving at 100mph, the baffled Prince politely interrupted Tru and said, “I’m sorry, I’m not a very clever lad, could you please start over, but go a little slower…Uhh, what is BREEF?” The table laughed at Prince Harry’s modest remark as Tru collected herself and recited a more relaxed version of what BREEF is about. Prince Harry was quite impressed and encouraged us to continue our advocacy.”

We are so proud (and jealous!) of you all.