Our friend from Ocean Research and Conservation Association (ORCA), Edie Widder, sent us these two summer opportunities that would be perfect for some of our alumni! One opportunity runs from July 13-20 and takes place between Montreal, Quebec, and Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In collaboration with Dr. Sherri Mason of SUNY Fredonia, this Pangaea Exploration is an Environmental Research and Communications course, held aboard a 72 foot Challenger sailing yacht, the Sea Dragon. Participants will get the opportunity to take part in data collection, sampling and research reporting, while also learning sailing skills and techniques. The program will also focus on ways to present current environmental issues to the world through social media, activism and community participation. For more information, please visit the course description on Pangaea’s websiteTo register, contact Asta Mail, Expedition Coordinator, at
Another opportunity is an Apprentice Deckhand during the Sea Dragon’s expedition to the Great Lakes ecosystem this summer. The apprenticeship runs from June 24-August 27. For more information about the apprenticeship, see the description here: Pangaea Apprenticeship. Pangaea is accepting applications for those 16 years and older until May 20, 2012. Please forward Curriculum Vitae, cover letter and letter of reference to: