Greeting from Eleuthera!
As we woke to the sunrise, with smiles on our faces, but no shoes on our feet we kicked off our day with our fifth run swim. While others claimed not to be sore enough from past workouts Jason promised that wouldn’t be the case to day. After workout, we went off to chores to start the rest of our day. With full stomachs from breakfast we head off to our second day of new classes. Some will be researching exploring flats and catching turtles, while others dive deep into the separate world of the sea and others make sustainable Biodiesel fuel.

During sustainable systems, we learned all about the chemistry and process of the making of fuel from vegetable oil, which powers the schools vans and cars. While this happened, marine ecology went to a really amazing coral system called Tunnel Rock, where they observed and took notes on the surrounding coral and fish.

The research team went out to look for sea turtles; after seeing three turtles thy finally caught one. We followed the turtle to tire it out. Then Jessie jumped in swam after it and pulled it up to the boat. Once the green sea turtle was on the boat, we flipped its body over to measure and attach a tracking signal to it. Once we were done, we released the turtle back into the sea, we were sad to see it go, but happy to see it free. The little turtle gave us a glimpse of the life of a researcher, which created a unique experience for us. As we are almost half way through our second week of classes, we are happy to be cacique because the weeks are short, but the days are long.

So long from your caciques,

Michael and Taylor Students free diving at Cathedral Students free diving