We were thrilled to welcome six apprentices into our community for our annual Summer Apprentice Program. Apprentices are selected through an application process and must be residents of South Eleuthera between the ages of 16-19 years old. This year’s apprentices were selected from a pool of 65 applicants, interested in mentorship and the development of a specific skill or trades offered within our community.


Not only do our apprentices receive training in a specific occupation, they also participate in weekly seminar classes that provide background and essential information on career development including personal financial management, resume writing and communication skills. In addition, through support from generous donors, apprentices also receive a stipend for their five-week work program.

This year’s apprentices worked alongside our research staff, dining services, alumni and administrative teams, facilities, and research technicians.

Why Participate?

Our apprentices shared some of their motivation for participating in the program.

“The apprenticeship would encourage me to gain a great deal of knowledge while still allowing me to acquire new transferable skills and attributes. During this time, I would gain real-world experience and pursue various career options. Furthermore, this is a prestigious organisation, and I would be honored to be a member of the Island School team for the length of the apprenticeship.” Petra, Research


“I have always been interested in a summer job, and it would really give me experience for a college resume. I also had a good experience when I was at the Island School for my high school community service, so I would love to be back.” Rhandi, Kitchen


“It will give me an opportunity to learn and observe professionals. I want to take their strengths and add it to my own. It will help me to pursue my career and also practice new life skills such as farming and aquaponics.” Kelvano, Farm & Aquaponics 

Goals and Motivation

We asked our apprentices what they hope to gain from their experience, as well as what they have learned.

“I expect to learn lifetime skills such as communication, teamwork, and professionalism as a result of this apprenticeship. These benefits could ideally open up a lot of doors for me in the job market, especially because I’ll be working with such knowledgeable people who will shape and mold me into a motivated, open-minded worker.This apprenticeship will ideally aid me in my career journey, and if I chose it, it might lead to a work opportunity at the organization.” Petra, Research

“I hope to gain skills that I haven’t had before, and I hope to be helpful to the Island School community. Through working at the waterfront, I hope I can carry my experience and make it one of my major’s.” Shicardo, Waterfront


“I hope to gain knowledge and learn how to conduct myself professionally around others. I hope to be the best version of myself when I’m done with the apprenticeship. I also hope to forge new bonds with the people I meet.” Kelvano, Farm & Aquaponics


Giving Back

Not only do apprentices gain valuable experience during their summer, but they also support our community in many different ways, by offering new insight, asking good questions, and assisting us to do our jobs better. Nikki Rolle, mentor to Iesha, who worked in alumni relations shared “Having an apprentice this summer has been a great experience. Iesha has been easy to communicate with and carries out tasks as asked in the most efficient manner. We were able to complete about 80% of our goals within the first three weeks and anticipate checking off the remaining by the end of her time with me. Being the direct manager of someone has also helped me in prioritizing my daily tasks in accordance with my weekly goals.”

Iesha, a Deep Creek Middle School alumni, had a similarly positive and rewarding experience. “I applied to this apprenticeship to gain job experience and give back to a community that has given so much to me. I’m getting to experience and learn things I never would have if I didn’t come to this apprenticeship. I’m learning that there is so much more knowledge for me to be taught and how working can actually be really fun with the right people.”


Each year, the Apprentice Program brings great energy and a collaborative spirit to The Island School campus and staff, and provides meaningful learning experiences for its participants. We are grateful for the generous donors who make this program possible, our staff who facilitate important learning opportunities, and the motivated students eager to learn from our programs.