Imagine the pure zeal of the first day of school for every child after nearly two years of online learning! This visualization captures the energy of the students at Deep Creek Primary School the week of January 24, 2022, when schools in The Bahamas were permitted to resume face to face instruction. Despite the many global challenges faced by the COVID-19 pandemic including learning, the Deep Creek Primary School and The Island School partnership feels stronger than ever, and it is slated to be a strong finish to the academic year with all hands and resources on deck. 

Our shared goals for the remaining academic year are to:  

  • Support teacher and school resource access

  • Facilitate student learning through art-based literacy

  • Offer professional development opportunities central to achieving student outcomes through experiential learning and authentic assessments

DCPS returned to face-to-face instruction after almost 2 years of online learning.

Introducing Tiffany our new Learning Support Teacher

To achieve these goals, we are grateful to have the addition of Tiffany Bain to our Island School team with a focus on community engagement and supporting our Deep Creek Schools. Tiffany Bain joined The Island School family in November 2021. She comes with more than 15 years of experience in education in both in-school and out-of-school programming settings. A former school principal and coordinator for a college readiness and access program, Tiffany is passionate about community advancement through education, recognizing and leveraging all abilities in learning, and whole child development. 

Tiffany Bain in the classroom at DCPS.

Current efforts to collaborate with and support education at Deep Creek Primary School

Our team works together in partnership with Deep Creek Primary School teaching staff and Principal Alday to bridge learning gaps in the spirit of enhancing numeracy and literacy, growing opportunities for identity and self-expression, and fun — lots of fun. Piggybacking on the learning strategies used in the enrichment programming in November and December, The Island School team works to make learning real by supporting students to apply their lessons in real life — learning about the roles that farms play in communities by creating their own model farm, understanding positional words by playing hide and seek with a ball and a box, and intersecting art, writing, and socio-emotional learning using lessons about feelings. 

One goal for the remainder of the academic year is to facilitate student learning through art-based literacy.

We are so thrilled to be back in the classrooms with Deep Creek Primary School! We’re looking forward to a fun spring ahead and our ongoing partnership with our community.