Education, Research and Innovation at The Island School

Read on for program highlights, research results, all-star alumni, sustainable living ideas, and more.

Cape Eleuthera Institute’s Crawfish Aquaculture Program

The Island School’s Cape Eleuthera Institute (CEI) is thrilled to introduce a crawfish aquaculture program designed to restock wild populations and pioneer the rearing of crawfish to marketable size.  This…

Education with Educators

Whether seeking to better understand experiential and place-based teaching and learning at The Island School or searching for a rejuvenating professional development experience, individuals attend our annual Educators Conference for…

Alumni Spotlight: Megan Sweeting DCMS11

The Island School has been part of Megan Sweeting’s DCMS11, life for as long as she can remember. As a child, her mom was an employee of the School, and…

Sustainable Waste Management

Sustainable waste management at the Island School begins inside the Tingum Center. The open-air storage bay is home to glass bottles, tin cans, warped cardboard, and other discarded articles. The majority of these items, in keeping with our environmental ethos, will be reused or repurposed into new, useful materials.

Celebrating our Youngest Learners

For the second year in a row, we saw one of our ELC students matriculate to the Deep Creek Middle School. It’s exciting to see the learning progression offered at The Island School extending into the elementary years and shaping the way in which we can engage with the environment, develop lifelong skills and tackle real world problems at all stages of the journey.

DCMS Celebrates 20-Years

We are thrilled by the growth–and more importantly the outcomes–we’ve seen in our Deep Creek Middle School students since its inception, and eager to celebrate this impressive 20-year milestone with our many alumni, friends, and supporters over the years.

The Lab School:  Celebrating in-person instruction at Deep Creek Primary School 

Imagine the pure zeal of the first day of school for every child after nearly two years of online learning! This visualization captures the energy of the students at Deep Creek Primary School the week of January 24, 2022, when schools in The Bahamas were permitted to resume face to face instruction. Despite the many global challenges faced by the COVID-19 pandemic including learning, the Deep Creek Primary School and The Island School partnership feels stronger than ever, and it is slated to be a strong finish to the academic year with all hands and resources on deck.

Crab Fest 2021

“We all have something to learn from each other. While learning more about the ecology of these animals is crucial for their conservation, really understanding the importance of the fishery in the community context is equally as important. Events like Crab Fest are a great way to better grasp the significance of these animals from the stakeholder perspective.”

Clean Beaches Building Strong Communities

A spirit of camaraderie permeated the Cotton Bay Beach clean up as The Island School community including Deep Creek Middle School and Early Learning Center students and staff, research staff from the Cape Eleuthera Institute and Ben Dougherty, CEO and Head of Schools worked side by side to keep our beautiful beaches clean. Clean Beaches Eleuthera reported that as a result of our combined efforts, in just two hours, we removed 395 pounds of trash from Cotton Bay Beach.