Your Island School Experience is Within Reach

The Semester and Summer Term at The Island School are founded upon the belief that students will leave the program as engaged global citizens, empowered to be active leaders of their generation. In order to provide this opportunity for all qualified students, The Island School must support a culture of equity and accessibility. Our tuition assistance makes this opportunity available for those committed to being changemakers in their community.

Our students are accepted in a need-blind process, meaning acceptance to The Island School is not determined by a family’s need for tuition assistance. We use an outside service through School and Student Services (SSS) to help assess a family’s demonstrated need and generate awards in a fair and unbiased manner.

1 in 4

One in four students receive tuition assistance


The average award for a semester is roughly 65% of tuition


We meet 100% of a family‘s demonstrated need, and often provide additional tuition assistance outside of what is determined through SSS


We require all families to invest a minimum of $500 towards tuition. In cases of extreme financial hardship, this payment can be put towards a school store deposit that can be later used on campus.


We offer payment plans for all our families. We require tuition to be paid in full before student records are released.

We encourage every interested family to apply for this opportunity. We work closely with each accepted student to create an equitable and accessible tuition package for their family.

Current Tuition Rates

Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 Tuition$34,650
Summer Term
Summer 2022$16,000

Tuition covers the cost of room and board. We ask that the family obligation be paid in full before a student arrives on Eleuthera.

How to Apply for Tuition Assistance

  1. Create an account with SSS and submit a PFS: To apply for tuition assistance, complete the Parent Financial Statement (PFS) through School and Student Services (SSS) by the application deadline listed below. Once you create an account, please add either “The Island School: Semester” (code 200273) or “The Island School: Summer” (code 200274).
  2. Upload required tax documents: Your application for tuition assistance will be considered complete once you submit your PFS and required tax documents. We require a copy of your completed 2020 tax forms, including W2, 1099, 1040, all schedules if applicable, and any 2021 forms you have received. 
  3. Complete application by the following deadlines: 
Application Deadline:January 15, 2022
Decision and Tuition Package Emailed:February 11, 2022
Enrollment Deadline: February 25, 2022
Deadline:February 15, 2022
Decision and Tuition Package Emailed:March 18, 2022
Enrollment Deadline: April 15, 2022

The application has a $55 application fee that will not be charged until the application is submitted. This is a one-time fee, meaning that if you are using this system for other schools and programs, you will only need to submit one application fee. The fee is automatically waived if the application shows extreme financial hardship. If the fee is not automatically waived and you are having difficulty making the payment, please contact us.

We encourage you to reach out directly to SSS if you have questions on how to complete the application. You can visit the SSS Parent Resources page or call the SSS Help Desk directly, at 800-344-8328.

Frequently Asked Questions

We require both families to complete separate PFS in order to have a full financial picture to make a fair assessment. If a parent remarries, we will require information of the stepparent in the PFS.

We ask that a guardian who is financially responsible for the applicant complete the PFS. On the application, you will be able to include a description of your relationship to the student.

Our ability to determine a level of demonstrated need is through assessing US tax returns. If you are an international student applying for tuition assistance, please reach out to our admissions team at, for a conversation that is specific to your needs.

Our Bahamas Environmental Stewardship Scholarship (BESS) in partnership with Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation (BREEF) is available to Bahamian citizens. Students who are looking to gain a year-long opportunity to explore sustainable systems, conservation, and environmental leadership in The Bahamas. If you are interested in applying for this opportunity, please visit the BREEF website or email If you are from The Bahamas and interested in just a Semester or Summer Term, please continue with your application through The Island School here.

Need-blind admissions process means that your acceptance to The Island School is not determined or impacted by your need for tuition assistance. The process of admission is completed prior to the review of your PFS.

Our tuition assistance packages are tuition-based only, meaning they only go towards room and board. Additional and incidental costs are the responsibility of the family. Additional expenses include travel, school clothing, and gear. Incidental costs can include any outside medical treatment, and personal spending money. In extreme hardship, The Island School will help contribute to some of these additional costs, such as uniform or gear. If you would like to discuss options on how past students and families have worked through these additional expenses, please email

We encourage you to reach out to your financial advisor or tax planner if you are planning to pull from a 529 Educational Savings plan. There are many implications that vary from state to state. As a reminder, The Island School is an international organization governed under The Bahamas, which may impact the ability to withdraw from a 529 Educational Savings Plan.

If you have already submitted a PFS for another school, you can add “The Island School: Semester” (code 200273) or “The Island School: Summer” (code 200274), under the list of schools selected to receive your information. You will need to submit the required tax documents listed above.

Yes, SSS meets the most rigorous standards for security. The only people at The Island School with access to your application is the Tuition Assistance Committee.

Still have more questions? Please reach out to for additional information.