Students going out for an afternoon kayak adventure

Early morning snorkely and marine ecology class on the sandbar

Winter break at the Weilenmann School of Discovery in Park City, Utah, is usually synonymous with snow pants, ski lifts, and hot cocoa.  However, for 16 students and 5 chaperones, this February gave them the chance to dust off their passports, unpack some bathing suits, and head down to the sunny land of CEI for the school’s inaugural visit!


Students ranging from grades 6 – 9 joined the campus family for a week as they explored the marine habitats around the Cape.  Between dissecting lionfish, learning about island permaculture, and investigating calcareous algae, the group found time for endless adventures, tons of snorkeling, and so much fun!  Some of the highlights of the week included snorkeling with 6 eagle rays at Green Castle Blue Hole, seeing a nurse shark on our nightsnorkel, and dropping conch shells into the blue abyss of Exuma Sound.

The group was also fortunate enough to spend a night in the presence of Dr. Jonathon Ruppert, a visiting scientist presenting on the anthropomorphic impact of humans upon apex predators.  The students loved spending time with a marine biologist!

With boundless energy, fantastic questions, and smiles that never stopped coming, Weilenmann was a great presence to have at CEI.  We hope to share many more trips with these wonderful kids!

Building sandcastles and snorkeling at Lighthouse Beach