Island School discussionLast week students in the Fall 2014 semester of The Island School gathered with their peers, teachers, faculty, and visitors to present introductions to their Research Class projects.  Presentations contextualized the students’ studies and provided background information, broader significance, and methodology for each.  The students will continue to hone their scientific presentation and communication skills over the course of the semester and will speak at greater length about their completed work at a Research Symposium in November, for which they will also prepare scientific posters.

Research Projects this year include:

  1. Stone Crab Ecology with Claire Thomas and Alicia Hendrix
  2. Sea Turtle Ecology with Annabelle Brooks and Rachel Miller
  3. Coastal Fish and Runoff with Zach Zuckerman and Nick Balfour
  4. Aquaponics with Adam Dusen and Eric Schneider
  5. Sensory Ecology of Sharks with Owen O’Shea and Kate McClellan
  6. Deepsea Shark Survivorship with Brendan Talwar
  7. Shark Energetics with Ian Bouyoucos and Candice Brittain
  8. Deepsea Biodiversity with Mackellar Violich and Sunghee Kim

Each project is advised by CEI researchers with whom the students work closely.  Each course, regardless of study area, will cover the reading and writing of scientific literature, the scientific method, data collection, basic data analysis, and the drawing of reasonable conclusions and data interpretation.  The comprehensive nature of this course prepares students for science classes in college and beyond.