We began the day with morning circle at 6:30am. The sun was shining brightly and the wind was blowing strong. When all 33 of us who weren’t on the tourism and development road trip were done singing the national anthem, we gathered together on the dock near the boat house to start our mile swim to the pole. One by one we all jumped in the warm water instantly we began freestyling to the pole. Some were slower than others. Me (Sahara), was one of the slow ones, while Abraham was in a swimming class because of his little experience with swimming. But he is getting better! When it hit around 7:15am, the teachers told us to swim back. This was pretty difficult because we had to swim against the current. Once again, some took longer than others but we all arrived back at the school at 7:35am. After the workout everyone began their daily chores. When all the chores where done at 8:00am all the students started their personal space in there dorms. At 8:15 am everyone lines up for breakfast but since our group, the Saber Tooth Blennies, was on dish crew we had to arrive at the dining hall at 8:00am to set up the dishes. When breakfast was over at 9:15am, the students split up into two groups; the marine ecology class and the food class.
Students learn about permaculture in the wet lab at the Cape Eleuthera Institute.

In the food class, we studied about permaculture, a self-sustaining farming system. Following our introduction to permaculture, we went to the farm where we observed and noted down the self-sustaining methods in the farm. We also got the chance to make a heap of compost. Each of us was assign to a site to analyze the plot and re-design it based on what we had learned within the week.
It seems like yesterday we all unpacked our bags to begin are journey here at the Island School but now it’s quickly coming to a close. Everyone including those who had no experience with swimming before coming to the Island school, is training and looking forward to the “monster run- swim”, where we will do a four mile run and one mile swim on Sunday the 27th.To those who are nervous- don’t be! We know you can do it!

The Caciques of the Day,

Sahara Lewis and Abraham Martey