Hello All!
Our days are going by faster and faster as we continue on our Island School journey. After yesterday’s challenging exercise, we had the choice between a fun game of water polo, or a relaxing yoga session in the boathouse. Both were nice ways of recovering from yesterday’s strenuous workout.

Today marked the last day of our second academic week, so classes are wrapping up. In Sustainable Systems we finished by presenting our redesign projects, where we walked all around campus sharing our innovative ideas on sustainable redesign. After presenting, we headed to the farm where Johnny and Joseph (the men in charge of maintaining the farm) helped us collect a variety of medicinal plants for our bush tea. We all had a glass, and it was surprisingly tasty! In the Marine Ecology class, students finished up the day with an amazing dive at Tunnel Rock where they saw many beautiful fish and even a big barracuda.  To finish the evening, all the students who were away on the Down Island Camping Trip in the Tourism and Development class returned back home!  It was so great to see everyone and be back together after three days.  We are still looking forward to hearing their amazing stories and being reunited as a family once again!

Tonight we are looking forward to a boathouse movie night! It will be a screening of Jaws, which we will be watching in the water as we float in the marina.  We are also looking forward to our last day off tomorrow, which we will spend exploring the island, and catching up with everyone’s week.

As we grow closer to Parent’s Weekend, we are realizing our time here is limited, so we are doing everything we can to live in the moment and stretch ourselves.  Everyday, we continue to make new friends and form new relationships that expand our Island School Family!

Sunset on campusYour Caciques,

Rylie and Miles