Shicardo Knowles was raised in Deep Creek, Eleuthera. This past summer, he completed a six-week Summer Apprenticeship with The Island School in the Communications department. Over the course of the program, Shicardo honed his skills in photography, photo management, and photo editing. He also spent time in larger workshops with his peers in the Apprentice program, where they learned professional skills such as resume writing, communication, interview skills, as well as first aid and CPR lifesaving skills. While this particular program may be the launching pad from which Shicardo officially begins his professional career, his journey with The Island School began a long time ago.

Shicardo first joined The Island School’s After Schools Program for Deep Creek Primary School students in 2014. He was an enthusiastic participant of the Community Farm where young students worked together on a small farm project one day per week after school. He also participated in swim lessons on Saturdays. Once familiar with The Island School, Shicardo continued to seek out programs and opportunities. In 2016, he attended South Eleuthera Kids Camp (SEKC), a week-long overnight environmental program at The Island School, rooted in experiential learning through hands-on activities and outdoor sessions.  During SEKC, children gain an appreciation for the natural world and develop their understanding of environmental challenges and conservation efforts. 

Shicardo swimming from a young age.

“I first met Shicardo in 2014 when he was a student at Deep Creek Primary School. I have fond memories of gardening with him at the community Farm during After Schools Programming and seeing him develop his confidence and skills during Swim Club on Saturdays. He was a natural in the water and had a deep curiosity for ocean life, his snorkelling skills progressed quickly so he could explore the local marine ecosystems. It has been an honour to work with Shicardo over the years and see him grow into a leader amongst his peers and a mentor to our younger students.”  – Candice Brittain, Director of Community Engagement & Partnerships 

During his high school years at Preston H. Albury High School in Rock Sound, he graduated with the honor of Head Boy, and participated in The Island School’s Young Men’s Leadership Program (YMLP) . YMLP is an extracurricular mentorship program dedicated to the success of young men in South Eleuthera during a critical period of adolescent development. Over the course of 5 years students met bi-weekly and committed time to academic engagement, developing conflict resolution skills, leadership and self awareness. Shicardo participated in a variety of activities on Eleuthera including community service, overnight camping trips, kayaking, SCUBA diving and workshops to plan for his future. In addition, Shicardo found opportunities to connect with professionals in our community, including Allan Jones, Creative Associate on the Communications Team.

“I’ve known Shicardo since I arrived at The Island School four years ago and I’ve had the opportunity to support him and his interest in photography. As a mentor, I helped him develop photo, video, and graphic design skills during his time as a YMLP student. I was thrilled to have him join us for six weeks this past summer as a Communications apprentice, as he began shaping his passion into a job experience.” – Allan Jones, Former Creative Associate.

Join us in celebrating Shicardo Knowles, our longest-enrolled student within Island School programs, as he pursues his goal to study Marine Engineering at LJM Maritime Academy in Nassau, The Bahamas!

A word from Shicardo: “Being involved with The Island School and the programs they offer was very important to me because it kept me off the streets and engaged me in positive activities. It also helped me to become the mature young man I am today and build my leadership skills. One of the most important programs to me was the Young Men Leadership Program. Our mentors supported us with our school work and prepared us for life after school.”