Here are short bios from our three Gap Year students:IMG_1223Eryn Dioli: My name is Eryn Dioli and I just graduated from high school in June of 2013. I’m taking a gap year before I start college, and in the fall of 2014 I will be attending The University of Colorado at Boulder where I hope to study international relations. I was drawn to CEI because of the way sustainable living is so much a part of life here. I have grown up on the ocean and it’s a great experience to be living in a  place that is so dedicated to conserving it. I’m looking forward to learning more about permaculture and how I can implement that in to my own community at home, and to take part in the turtle research project.

Jordan Warner: My name is Jordan Warner and I am from Silver Spring, Maryland. I am a sophomore at Howard University in Washington D.C. I did a 10 day internship at the island school my senior year of high school and it was an amazing experience. The experience that I am going to get from being here 8 weeks is almost unfathomable. My main goals during the Gap Year program are doing professional shark research and taking what I learned about environmental sustainability back to my school to implement as many sustainable practices that I can.

Ryan Hodges: Hi, my name is Ryan Hodges and I am in the gap year program at CEI.  I am a student at Elon University majoring in biology with a focus in premed.  Last year I changed my major from economics to biology after spending a summer in Costa Rica and Nicaragua working on a sea turtle migration tracking project.  I am most looking forward to joining one of the research teams and learning more about the marine research aspect of biology