The Island School along with Cape Eleuthera Institute and the new Center for Sustainable Development are attracting young professionals from around the world looking for post graduate level experience in the tropical marine and applied sciences as well as more teaching focused fellowships.  Through the generous support of Ed Anderson and Linda Cabot, Island School parents, Georgiana (SP 11) and Noelle (SP 13), we will be able to build-out the first phase of the project that includes all the living spaces, capacity to house up to 40 graduate students. Ed Anderson shares, “With expanding resources and an ideal location, Cape Eleuthera Institute promises to be the next Woods’ Hole of the Caribbean.”  Now we can properly take care of the people engine that helps support research and a range of design and build projects.  In addition Anderson- Cabot Hall promises to be an ultra-green building. With state of the art lighting and passive cooling the building will be a net exporter of energy from its 10 kW solar array.  A 40,000 gallon basement cistern will collect more than enough water to care for the inhabitants and an advanced waste water system will recycle and responsibly manage all discharge.  We imagine that this ecologically designed building will do more than just provide comfortable living space; Cabot- Anderson Hall will inspire all who come to live and work our campus to believe that we can design for a more sustainable future.