Flats intern Stacey Dorman fishes from the bow of the boat.Interns from the Flats Ecology and Conservation Program and Shark Research and Education Program at the Cape Eleuthera Institute (Stacey Dorman and Carl Treyz) and Zack Jud from the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust finished their four day bonefish tagging trip in South Andros, which was very successful! A total of 654 fish were tagged around South Andros, including the west side and the cays on the southernmost tip of the island. The overall goal was to tag bonefish in areas that are heavily fished by recreational anglers, so that they can be later recaptured, and information about bonefish population movement and growth can be collected.  

Sharks intern Carl Treyz catches his first bonefish on fly.

Bonefish were captured mainly by spot seining large schools which were found on the flats by fishing guides. Despite challenging weather conditions, the final two days of the trip were a blast and the last day was spent angling for single bonefish with both fly and spin rods. Shark intern Carl Treyz caught his first bonefish on fly! CEI would like to thank Zack Jud for leading the trip and Deneki Outdoors for hosting us at their fishing lodge and providing fishing guides, without whom the trip never could have been a success.