Recently, twelve smiling faces from Mrs. Sweeting’s 6th grade class at Wemyss Bight Primary came to visit Cape Eleuthera Institute to supplement their pollution unit. The afternoon started off with a lively game to lighten the mood, followed by an engaging lesson on natural resources and pollution in the scenic “floating” gazebo. Students then explored some of the sustainable systems on campus including the mangrove wetland, CEI’s green buildings, the resource center, solar & wind power, the wetlab & aquaponic beds, as well as the farm. The adventure continued with fun activities on ocean pollution with CEI’s outdoor educator, Liz Slingsby, followed by a short clip from the movie “Bag it” on gyres and the North Pacific garbage patch.WBP-OP

A final discussion on how students can make a difference by reducing their use of plastics and spreading the word to their family and friends was refreshing and full of excitement as the afternoon came to a close. It was amazing how enthusiastic and generally interested in the topic students were. Mrs. Sweeting was here last spring with her previous 6th grade class. It was a pleasure having her and her students back on campus!