The first of 8 teams for 2014 were at CEI last week assisting with sea turtle research. 9 volunteers, from across America and Canada, spent 9 days collecting data from boats, on foot and by snorkeling in 11 sites across South Eleuthera. They collected vast amounts of data that would otherwise have taken much longer without their support. Using baited remote underwater video surveys for predators, they surveyed 9 sites and ‘captured’ 7 individuals from 3 different species: nurse, lemon and tiger sharks! They also caught and tagged 9 turtles, setting the record for catching 6 using the rodeo method in one day!



A team member ready to measure habitat with a quadrat.

Finally, they recorded hundreds of habitat data points that will be used to ground truth satellite imagery of south Eleuthera. The volunteers got stuck into all aspects of the research – from grinding up smelly fish for bait, wading through creeks, to building and maintaining equipment. We thank them for their help!