spearsThe ‘You Slay, We Pay’ campaign is underway. Lionfish are invasive and devastating reefs; fortunately for us, they are delicious! However, these fish are still an untapped sustainable marine resource. The Island School with CEI launched a campaign to start a lionfish fishery and are buying lionfish from local fishermen for $11/lb during this lobster closed season (April 1st – July 31st). Locals fishermen are encouraged to bring fish in – they receive an amazing lionfish slayer t-shirt when they drop off their first 15 lbs of lionfish. Additionally, we enter them in a raffle each time they bring in 15 lb of lionfish, and there will be a prize draw at the end of season to win a new pole spear and other goodies.So how can you support this campaign? Several ways:

Eat lionfish! Please, when you are eating out, ask for lionfish! Even if it is not on the menu it is a great way to create a demand and therefore supply. * Don’t choose to eat species that are in closed fishing season or are unsustainable.

INVASION AT BAYBuy a t-shirt! The purchase of your t-shirt supports the cost of ‘YouSAVE A LOBSTER Slay, We Pay’ sustainable fishery campaign. These limited edits shirts are available online now!


Click here to buy a lionfish t-shirt! 

Spread the word! Wherever you are, speak with and educate people about the lionfish issue. Keep up to date on the success of this campaign through our blog and social media accounts.