PHAHS Teach 1Teachers and Vice Principal, Ms. Knowles, from Preston H. Albury High School came to visit during teacher’s planning week in late August. This visit served as the start to a collaboration regarding ways that CEI may support their curriculum planning with a focus on scientific research, native Bahamian resources, and small island sustainability. We hope that teachers of all subject areas, not just biology and the sciences but also math, English, art and other subjects, see a connection with the projects we have here at CEIS.

PHAHS YTeach 4

During their time on campus, some of the teachers investigated the invasive lionfish through a dissection. Some watched while others took part in the dissection identifying the lionfish’s venemous spines as well as how to fillet and eat the fish! Others explored the aquaponics system and are interested in starting a program at PHA in the future.  Finally, some teachers learned about the current status of local conch populations.

We had a tremendous time collaborating with the teachers of PHAHS. It was a pleasure to have them on campus and share some of the research projects and educational programs offered at CEIS.

PHAHS Teach 3