Conch flared lip caliper Lyfor CayIn the last week of October, CEI welcomed Lyford Cay International School’s two classes for their annual visit.

Denise Mizell, a science teacher at Lyford Cay, brought grade 10 to CEIS for some hands-on learning about sustainability. Students discussed the positive impacts they can each individually have on the natural world around them. Activities exploring research areas in aquaponics and permaculture opened the students’ eyes to how difficult and often damaging it is to pull resources from the natural world. The kids were challenged to think of ways they can better improve resource management on their own campus. Snorkeling, exploring Eleuthera’s caves, and climbing the Banyan tree reinforced this idea of sustainability and inspired students to become passionate about their world and how to protect it.

For grade 12 participants from Lyford Cay, this visit marked their fourth experience with CEI.  During this final trip, they focused on sustainable fisheries. As part of their biology class they worked to produce a public service announcement, where their success as a team was being evaluated. To explore their PSA topics more deeply, Lyford Cay students and the CEI EP team spent time out in the field with the shark, sustainable fisheries, and aquaponics teams. The students all got hands-on with research and by doing so gained valuable insight into the current status of the fisheries resources that are in their backyards.

Lyford Cay 2014 Grade 10 12

Both groups of students left campus re-ignited with passion for sustainability, carrying this back with them to New Providence.