My name is Perez Sands.  I was chosen to do a speech about the seventh grade Summer Bridge program at Deep Creek Middle School. Summer Bridge was great and I wish it was a yearly thing. We had a great time and it was the experience of a lifetime.  We did all types of things such as going in the sea and learning about our community.  We also learned the six expectations of a nurturing community that we have to show at school.  These are responsibility, self-control, kindness, promise-keeping, respect and honesty.  We also learned about yellow, orange and red cards, which are things you get if you do something bad.  It is something I will try my hardest not to get.  You can get green stars for doing something good and I have gotten several of those since school opened.

Summer Bridge is a two week program for incoming seventh graders that eases their transition to middle school.  The goals of the program are that the students understand the mission and culture of the school while building relationships within the school community.   Perez received a Green Star for writing this blog post.