This summer DCMS grade 9 student, Lance Pelecanos, received a scholarship to return to Camp Dudley in New York for a month of camping fun and personal growth. He was very excited to once again be paired with lead counselor Tom McDonough (S’08).  Here is a picture of the gentleman outside of their cabin.

Many Deep Creek Middle School students spend their summers at camps locally and in New England.  The school and camps work to obtain sponsorships for the students and many Island School families support the program by hosting students on their way to or from camp, serving as chaperones, providing gear or sponsoring students.  Many thanks to the following families for their contributions this summer:

  • Family of Simon Mann-Gow (F08)
  • Family of Julie Thomsen (F07)
  • Christian Henry
  • Rachel Shapiro

If you would like to support DCMS campers in their future adventures, please contact principal Joanna Paul at