Deep Creek Middle School has a long history of being a track and field legend. Although small, DCMS students earn more medals on average than competitor schools. This year was no different at the All-Eleuthera Track and Field Meet. Our talented team of 12 students took home 21 medals:

  • Track athletes (2)Keniesha Pinder – Gold in 400m, Gold in 200m, Silver in 100m
  • Destinee Outten – Gold in Shot Put, Silver in Long Jump,
  • Khristian Outten –Silver in 4x100m, Bronze in 1500m, Bronze in discuss
  • Elgin Gibson – Gold in 800m, Gold in High Jump, Silver in 4x100m, Bronze in 400m
  • Ashton Symonette – Gold in Shot Put
  • Petron  Knowles – Silver in Shot Put
  • Tyler Leary – Gold in 200m, Gold in Discus, Silver in Shot Put, Silver in 4x100m, Silver in 100m
  • Shanice Symonette – Bronze in 100m
  • Cameron Thompson – Silver in 4x100m

Four of these students made it to the National Track and Field Meet and two received medals:

  • Destinee Outten – Gold Medal in Shot Put
  • Elgin Gibson – Silver Medal in 800m

Many DCMS alums are currently at school in  the US and also collecting the wins.  Congratulations to Anna McCartney (DCMS ’10, Wilbraham and Monson ’14), Treshae Clarke (DCMS ’11, Wilbraham and Monson ’15), Benjamin Williams (DCMS ’10, Pennington ’14), and Lionel Johnson (DCMS ’11, Woodberry Forest ’15).  Benjamin currently holds the Class B high jump record in the state of New Jersey. Keep your eye out on all these students in future years.

Anna McCartney anchors the 4x100Lionel Johnson  track meet at Woodberry Forest