by Ashley Mackey, Dashae Clarke, and Trevonya Pinder (Grade 7)


Our class received the least number of yellow cards than any other DCMS class, and we were able to go on a boat ride! At Deep Creek Middle School, you get yellow cards for doing something bad like forgetting homework or being out of uniform. We were the best class of the quarter and Ms. Paul says we are the best class in the history of DCMS!

The boat that belonged to Ms. Allison, was a big and bronze goldfish. It was named Layla, and moved very fast. The name Layla came from a song that Ms. Allison’s husband liked. There was a chair inside, a TV, and four bedrooms. The captain was up on top and he had a GPS so he wouldn’t get lost. We were also able to look at how deep the water was by using the instruments, and we were able to see how they use the boat to fish. It was nothing like we expected. It was much better! It was an adventure! We were excited! Ashton caught a big yellow-fin grouper! At the end, the boat drove to the cape and we went back to school.  We hope that we will have a chance to go again sometime.