The faculty, staff and families of DCMS would like to congratulate the following students for exceptional performance during their second semester. These students are examples amongst their peers. They have exhibit true qualities of future leaders in our community and The Bahamas. Congratulations!!
keneishaSAND DOLLAR AWARD: Keniesha Pinder (Tarpum Bay)

The Sand Dollar Award is presented to the ninth grade student with the highest cumulative grade point average (3.72) during their time at DCMS. Keniesha’s diligence, perseverance and passion for learning has enabled her to rise to the top and will guarantee future success.


lanceFOUNDER’S AWARD: Lance Pelecanos (Tarpum Bay)

The Founder’s Award recognizes the ninth grade student who best exemplifies the core values of the school: academic growth, responsible citizenship, and leadership. This award goes to Lance Pelecanos who has experienced exceptional personal and academic growth by taking full advantage of the opportunities offered at the school. He has demonstrated responsible citizenship through outstanding leadership within the school community in the classroom, in extracurricular activities and on the field. In addition, he is a role model for young people in the larger community. Lance was unanimously selected by the teachers and principal.