After four consecutive research classes with no sharks on the line, the shark team finally caught their first lemon shark. Then, as if to make up for lost time, they caught 3 more. We had just walked back to the boat from setting the sampling line when we saw a splash on hook six. Tyler and Mickey went to check to see if we finally had our first shark or if it was another stingray. Excitedly, they started waving for the rest of the team to come and bring the shark sampling gear. As we approached the shark, Mickey and Tyler watched a second shark swim up and bite on to hook one. We now had two sharks on the line, and it was still within ten minutes of putting the last hook in the water. Edd, the head of shark research, showed the class how to properly take the shark off the sampling line and place it in a cooler to measure, weigh, tag, and sample (DNA). As we were learning about the process, a third lemon shark came and hooked on to hook three. Shortly after a forth shark came and hooked on to hook seven. It took us an hour to clear all sharks off the line, collect our data, and release them. One of the sharks caught was previously tagged by the research team staff and interns. Since the team originally tagged this shark in a completely different creek, the re-catch performed by the students indicates some key information that will advance the data analysis for the project. The students all worked very hard and efficiently. Wish us luck for this Friday!

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