On Saturday The Island School’s Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) took a tour of the New York Harbor School (NYHS), a maritime themed public school located on Governor’s Island near Manhattan.  The AAB took the quick ferry from Manhattan and explored NYHS’s beautiful, historic building.  NYHS just recently moved from Brooklyn to their dream campus on Governor’s Island.  Sharon Jacker, community coordinator for NYHS, showed off the school’s aquaponics, composting, and aquaculture systems (sound familiar??) and explained the school’s program in detail.  The NYHS is an amazing school, and we encourage everyone to check out their website to hear more about the work they are doing.
After the tour, the AAB headed back to Manhattan to Ulysses Folkhouse for a happy hour with other Island School alumni.  It was great catching up with our NYC-area alumni, and we hope to do another event in Manhattan this fall!