Originally from Port-de-Paix, Haiti, Joseph is a skilled stone mason, farmer, and landscaper. Joseph was introduced to the school as a stone mason contracted to build artisan walls from limestone rocks at the school’s entrance. His work was so beautiful and strong, we had to ask Joseph to stay and find other ways to utilize his skills. Joseph now manages our farm, maintaining the nursery and orchard on campus, tends to the pigs, goats and ducks, and continues to beautify the campus with his stonework and landscaping expertise. Joseph is also an avid crabber, known across the island for his uncanny ability to navigate the bush at night and catch more crabs than anyone else. He is always willing to share his interests with others, often taking students out crabbing at night, helping them with their human ecology projects, teaching creole to community members, or simply sharing stories of his life and journey from Haiti.