As the water dropped to a frigid 25° Celsius (77° Farhenheit), we ripped the wet suits out of the closets.  No more monkey business, it’s gettin’ cold.  Feel warm and buoyant, the accuracy of our abundance surveys greatly increased.  At our second site, we were meet with a staggering amount of our key species; 11 Nassau grouper, 8 Spiny lobster, 5 Red lionship, and 1 Queen triggerfish who was playing dead.  After some lengthy calculations, we determined that the population of marine species at this patch reef was greater than that of the entire Cape Eleuthera marina.  Too bad we didn’t have enough time to check it out.

After an extensive photo shoot modeling our wet suits, we concluded we were eternally acclimatized to the Bahamian waters.  BEST DAY EVER!