Two fins emerged from the water swimming straight for us. We had just finished a light swim on a beautiful pink sand beach and were getting ready to head back to South Eleuthera. As the sleek glistening bodies emerged from the water these two dolphins brought gasps and squeals all around.  They swam closer, playing with us all, twirling and splashing. Goosebumps covered my body as I swam alongside, looking the dolphin in the eye underwater. They were within arms length and appeared very curious. The excitement of the group was tangible as we watched in awe as the dolphins jumped out of the water and followed us, weaving in and out of the group, surfing the waves alongside some of us. This was a moment that the pure beauty of nature brought me chills as I watched students experience such an unforgettable moment in the vast sea with a rising sun.
-Brady Wheatley