Since the beginning of the year, the Educational Programs team at Cape Eleuthera Institute has had the pleasure of hosting several fantastic college groups, including Carlton University, Williams College and Monmoth University. They focused  on various research areas including marine surveys, flats ecology and farming practices on Eleuthera.
We have also had three high school groups visit.

The Maine School of Science and Mathematics from chilly northern Maine had a two week stay, focused intensely on lionfish and lemon shark research, with some forays into marine ecology, the mangroves and filleting and cooking delicious tilapia. The students and chaperones had a blast, and got to brush up on their research, analysis and presentation skills.  We eventually managed to exhaust the group with a celebratory trip to Lighthouse beach on the last day of their visit, after two weeks of intense physical and mental activity.

Thanks to the lionfish and shark research teams as well as MSSM for your enthusiasm and spirit. In the words of  chaperone Mr. Luke Shorty, “You guys were rockin!”

Last week 19 St. Andrew’s high school students arrived  for a short two day stay, focusing their attention on research and sustainability. They got the opportunity to join the shark team in the hunt for lemon sharks, as well as getting hands on with some lionfish dissections and filleting and cooking. We hope that they gathered valuable knowledge on their visit here, and that they spread the ideas, concepts and philosophies we shared with them.  A big thanks to St. Andrews for making the journey out here, we’re looking forward to the next visit!

On Thursday we received a visit from Spanish Wells All Ages School. Twenty- eight students received a detailed, interactive tour run by Caleb and Matthew. It was great to have a visit from the school who had traveled for two and a half hours by bus to hear about our systems, and hopefully to carry those ideas back to their own island community.  Thanks for coming Spanish Wells, looking forward to seeing you all in the near future!