With people coming in and out of The Island School and CEI so frequently, the sharing and transferring of responsibilities is an integral part of ensuring that the good work being done continues beyond one individual’s journey. I have worked as the permaculture intern for the past two months and though I’m sad to say goodbye, I know that the 2011 spring semester will bring positive change, new research, and creative energy to The Island School campus. As I prepared for my departure over this past week, I began transferring my most well known, and perhaps most important, duty to the students. Pictured above are students Aldis and Sarah bottle-feeding Shadow, who at 7 weeks of age is almost all grown-up and ready to be off his milk diet. Until then, he will be well looked after by the students, who after less than one week on Cape Eleuthera have already stepped in and stepped up to the plate on their journey as leaders.

Wishing the whole Island School community a fantastic spring semester,

Kelly McGlinchey