Jayneka Brown, a ninth grade student at the Deep Creek Middle School has witnessed first hand the effects of teenage pregnancy. She believes that this is a problem, preventable by education. For this reason Jayneka decided to propose a girl’s empowerment project in the middle school as well as the community in which she lives. The 2011 Girl’s Empowerment Project was joined by a small group of Island School students at the start of the semester. All of these individuals have contributed to the planning of an event which will be held on Saturday, May 14th. Teenage girls from Deep Creek Middle School as well as the communities of Southern Eleutheraare invited to attend this event at the Rock Sound mission where they will learn how to prevent pregnancy, and create a strong community and support system of young women. Our event features a key note speaker from the Rock Sound Clinic, a forum for discussion in small groups, and an open question session. We hope that the young women will not only retain, but pass on their knowledge to others in the community. In order to feed the guests at the event, we are asking for local businesses and families to offer to prepare and bring main course and side dishes as a show of support for Jayneka’s cause.  We are also asking for volunteers for other tasks; please contact Miss Ellie Moore:
We thank you for your support sincerely,

Ami Adams and Christie Ledingham