by Emma – The Blog Chore Master
The days are slowly counting down here at the Island School.  Students are starting to complete their “lasts”—we are on our last chore rotation, we finished our last classes, we did our last day of run track and swim track, we completed the last infamous run-swims, and our last weekend is coming up.  It sets up an interesting phenomenon for the students because we are both excited by our accomplishments and proud of the challenges we have now completely overcome, but it means more and more of the things we once looked forward to are now in the past.  For example, I have never liked the sciences.  When I found out the Research Blocks here range from 3 to 5 hours, I thought I would be miserable and never get through them.  Every time I walked over the bridge to CEI to attend Aquaculture, I celebrated that one more lab period was done.  However in recent weeks, I have been dreading the end of Aquaculture.  Not only have I finally passionate about something in the sciences, but also I have developed irreplaceable bonds with my group and advisors.  I would happily go to a few more 5 hour blocks to spend extra time with them, but we have already completed the last one.  I feel this attached to so many different things on campus.  Although I am leaving in a week, I know this experience will open up new “firsts” for me at home.