At DCMS’s graduation, valedictorian Aleice Goodman spoke to her classmates:

“Three years ago, I embarked on a journey that would prove to be one of the most exhilarating experiences of my brief lifetime. After completing my education at Tarpum Bay Primary School, I was afforded the opportunity to attend Deep Creek Middle school where I would attain my junior school education. From Seventh to Ninth grade Deep Creek Middle School has challenged me to think at a more sophisticated level, to challenge myself beyond the regular standards that I had originally set for myself, and to be dedicated to everything that I put my mind to both in and outside of the classroom. Whether it was solving difficult south Eleuthera community problems in Community Outreach class, or finding a more eco-friendly fertilizer that local farmers can use in science class. Now that this chapter of my life has come to a close, I am very thankful that I have acquired these traits which I can now carry on into my high school education.

Although many times I may have felt as if the load was too heavy to bear, I was encouraged by the inspirational words of my mother that all things are possible through Christ who gives us strength. With this in mind, what still may have been a daunting task to complete; it somehow appeared a whole lot easier than when previously attempted.

To my Classmates: Neka, Bupsy, Nari, Megz, Anna, Nae, Krissy, Benji, Teiko, Sav, and Wayde. It is through hard work and dedication that each of us have successfully arrived at the place that we are today; the determination that we had in our hearts and souls would prove to be the driving force behind the many sacrifices that we often had to make to ensure that we would successfully get the job done.  During our studies, we encountered several activist who may have defied all odds in their fight towards personal development and enacting change on a more international level. One such person was none other than Nelson Mandela : The first black prime minister of south Africa. When he first proposed what his goal was in life he may have been laughed at, mocked, and persecuted, but through it all he was successful, because he was determined and dedicated.

A prolific author by the name of Brian Tracy once said, “Never consider the possibility of failure; as long as you persist, you will be successful.” Don’t allow yourself to be derailed or side-tracked by the haste with which others may achieve their goals. Instead see this as encouragement in the sense that the task at hand is in fact within your reach.

I will miss you terribly and I want to encourage you to never give up.” If you remember nothing else from this speech or from the many memories that we may have shared during our time spent together at Deep Creek Middle School, I ask that you remember this “There can be miracles when you believe though hope is frail, it hard to kill, who knows  what miracles you can achieve? Once you believe somehow you will. You will when you believe .

As we depart from this building tonight and go our separate ways, take advantage of the opportunity that you have been given. Go abroad taking with you all of the life skills that you would have learnt while at home or at school. Remember to be courteous at all times, respectful of yourselves as well as others, mindful of the fact that our opportunity is the result of someone elses’ sacrifice. Study hard, stay focused, and do yourselves as well as DCMS, your parents and your communities proud!”