On the tip of Eleuthera, the Cape Eleuthera Island School is continuing to expand its Bahamian Apprentice programme. This summer, six Bahamians are joining teachers, researchers, mechanics and farmers to learn the tools of the trades. The hope is that they will take their skills and learning back to their home settlements and communities. Participants in this year’s programme are Nicoya Taylor of Deep Creek, Serrano Gibson of Wemyss Bight, Ted Hall of Rock Sound, Troy Williams, Stanchez Ferguson of Waterford, and Perry Ford of Wemyss Bight. The apprenticeships will run through the 19th of August.

This year the program has expanded to include biodiesel manufacturing, auto and boat mechanic work, permaculture (farming), educational programmes, culinary arts, and facilities maintenance. There are also research opportunities available to college students and recent college graduates offered through Cape Eleuthera Institute. Cristal Munroe, of Nassau and graduate of the University of New Brunswick, and Tika Penn, also of Nassau and currently studying Small Island Sustainability at the College of The Bahamas are the first of what stands to be a long line of scholars to go through the program.

Continuing to expand the program will be made possible, in large part, because of the generous support through donations and sponsorships made by local people and businesses. “What will allow this programme to continue reaching more young people is community support,” said Kalin Griffin, human resources director.

The aim of the programme is to teach students skills they can use in the real world, skills that supplement what they are learning in school. “They are learning to solve real world issues in the areas of renewable energy, sustainable development, environmental conservation, and food security. The transferrable skills and knowledge that they gain through this apprenticeship is incredible. I hope that more young persons will apply for these apprenticeships,” added Griffin. The Cape Eleuthera Island School and Cape Eleuthera Institute provide an ideal setting for a wide variety of apprenticeship opportunities because of the facilities and type of work that goes on there.

To learn more about the apprenticeship programme, or what you can do to support it, please contact the Cape Eleuthera Island School at 242.334.8551, or visit their website at