A few weeks ago the Educational Programs team had the pleasure of running our longest standing camp, The South Eleuthera Kids Camp (SEKC) for a five day event filled with wild fun, good times, and most importantly, some powerful learning moments. SEKC is a camp run yearly during the summer for local Eleutharan children to get a first hand experience of all that goes on at the Cape Eleuthera Institute and the Island school. The camp has been visiting the Island School for over 12 years now, and given the great time the kids had this year, it shows no signs of slowing down.

This year, fourteen young Bahamians between the ages of nine and thirteen had a busy week, with excursions into the field with field biologists as well as sandbar explorations, participating in interactive presentations with the Island school students, a down island trip and so much more. The young campers also got to mingle with the Summer Term Island School students during a day of terrestrial and marine ecosystem research which culminated in group presentations where the campers and the Island School students presented their learning to one another. Learning (and teaching) about some of the local medicinal plants found on Eleuthera was a highlight for the group, as was the night snorkel through the cut and the visit to the flats ecosystem for some bonefish catching and tagging work.

The youthful and boisterous group turned out to be quite the handful for the E.P team, but only in a most invigorating and lively way, and by the end of the week, it wasn’t just the instructors who were exhausted, but the children too. Many thanks to all the campers and their families for getting them down here for a few days and letting us care for your precious ones!

Until next year campers,
E.P team signing out