As CONCHtribution 2011 comes to a close, we’d like to highlight a few alums who have not only donated to the Cape Eleuthera Foundation Annual Fund, but took that act of giving a step further by making a difference in their community. Here are a few alums who have “Donate Once and Give Back Twice”:
Madeline Hansen (S’07) is helping to build and organize a winter solar greenhouse on her college campus, College of Saint Benedict, in central Minnesota so students can have an opportunity to learn while growing food for the campus cafeteria. So far they have secured the majority of funding and have created all the building plans. Now, they’re just waiting for spring to come to tie up loose ends and start building! Good luck, Madeline!

Tom Weaver (F’06) and his friend have been running a bike co-op at Colorado College. They were granted some money from the school, with which they bought all the major equipment one would find in a bike shop. The co-op is open a few hours every week and Tom and his friend teach CC students and Colorado Springs community members how to fix their own bikes. All the bike mechanics at the co-op are volunteers. Tom says, “Our philosophy includes how fun it is to ride a bike around town, the convenience a bike provides to run nearby errands, the exercise benefits, and the very low carbon impact in the grand scheme of things.” Great work, Tom!

Brit Hastings (S’06) participated in a service day in honor of a local student who died in a boating accident last spring. Brit said, “his leadership abilities and determination were right in line with IS values, so this weekend was a special occasion to honor his life and now also to think about the way in which IS can have an impact on other young leaders.” Brit is also spreading the word about The Island School to potential students and applicants. Thanks for sharing, Brit!

If any other alumni would like to share what they are doing to make an impact in the community, please share with us at