The worst of the Hurricane Sunday passed between dinner time Thursday morning and very early Friday morning, but you would not have known it by the beaming faces of students in the dorms Thursday night. With several dedicated faculty spending the nights in the dorms with them, boys were enjoying a movie on a large screen, and at one point, the girls were bonding with a bit of a dance party in their dorm. Since Friday, the wind has been blowing strong and the sun is back out. The vegetation on campus took a beating, and I’m sure you’ll hear that our finish line for our famous run-swims (the flagpole) came down, but campus weathered the storm well. After an hour of cleaning from all the students and staff on Friday, trees were resurrected, boards were removed from windows, and the Bahamian flag again flew high in the center of campus.

Kayak trips are back out, staying on the leeward side of the island, half the students are back in classes, and the seas at High Rock are bigger than they’ve been in recent memory.
Now that Sandy has moved on from the Cape, we hope everyone in the Northeast weathers the storm safely as well.