At the start of the second day during our first academic week, the students ran to a beach location called The Saddle. From there, they swam parallel to the shoreline all the way to Sunset Beach and finished the morning exercise with the typical run-swim through the cuts. Though the run-swim was a bit more difficult this time around, it has only gotten easier as the days go by that the students train for the semester’s monster run swim at the beginning of parent’s weekend.
The dining hall seemed strangely empty as Tourism and Development had left the day before for their four day Down Island Trip to the northern tip of Eleuthera. The Marine Ecology group began their individual research in their own personal patch reefs, studying fishes and coral in their isolated communities. As these activities were happening, Food Systems was touring the school’s own personal farm, learning about a few plants and animals seen along the way.

The night was topped off with a great presentation from a woman named Mackey who works at the Cape Eleuthera Institute next door. The students sat entranced as they learned more about the deep sea and what they might be able to learn in their time here. After this quick presentation, it was off to study hours and preparation for the day to come!


~Greer and Adrian