Yesterday marked our last day off before our parents arrive and our final academic rotation begins. For all of us still here on campus, we slept in as late as our bodies would allow us, which for most of us wasn’t past 7:30 AM. However, one group woke up in a bit of a different setting…on their 24-hour solo on the beach. Everyone returned happy and well in the morning from their solos and the rest of campus was very excited to welcome them back after their long-anticipated arrival. Even on our days off at the Island School, the whole student body is always busy, never wasting a minute of our time here. Some of us searched the exploration grounds for the famous “Banyan Tree,” others relaxed at the beach, and a group even went to the nearby town Deep Creek with Peter for a game of basketball. After dinner, we congregated for the usual 7:15 PM night class, but this was no ordinary class. Whit and Nick took us to the boathouse to teach us a few swing dancing moves! No matter how experienced we were, we all managed to learn some of the motions and have a laugh while doing so. We all got our energy out and slipped right back into the academic mindset for study hours to prepare for the busy week that lies ahead.
Students are all smiles on their Down Island Trip

Our campus is full of mixed emotions as we get underway with this week—we are all eagerly anticipating the arrival of our parents, but we are also sad to see our time here coming to a close. I think we are all surprised by how close we have become in just three weeks and the thought of leaving each other is unnerving. However, our fellow student Emily Jenkins reminded us this morning at Morning Circle to make the most out of it and recited a quote to us: “Don’t count the time, make the time count.” This quote encourages us enter this week with the best attitude possible, because we have so much more to look forward to. We still have another week of classes, the Monster Run-Swim, and Parents Weekend to take on with full force.


Your Caciques,

Hope Tierney and Jenson Meeker