Students getting ready for their first skills class
Students working on skills. Students gliding through the water on a dive

Good afternoon from Eleuthera!

As we come to a close of our 8th day here, we keep hearing people say that the days feel like months. This action packed week of orientation is about to come to a close, with the second half of our student body about to become open water divers and the other half exploring the place we now begin to call home. The divers are working rigorously to understand and preform tasks underwater such as finding neutral buoyancy and taking masks off underwater to practice clearing. Exploring the island has made us all aware of all the parts of this new home, like an old hotel from the 70s that made the economy here boom.

On the rare sleep-in days, our student body has had the opportunity to try free diving at Tunnel Rock. We woke up early this morning and were led in a rejuvenating yoga routine led by Maxey as the sun rose, and then headed out across the water, enjoying the unbelievable view. As we were taught, the buddy system is most important during this type of diving, because your buddy at the surface serves as your lifeline while diving.  As people began to attempt it, we started noticing so many aspects of the lessons the staff are teaching us about how to grow this summer. Buddies were encouraging each other from the surface, aspiring to go deeper and deeper with each dive, learning from each other and experiencing a new form of “sense of place.” With each activity we are learning new types of responsibility and trust, and as Maxey put it, we are achieving a different form of zen.

We have all grown so much in the short time we have been here. Liz refers to our experiences as stretching the rubber band, and this week we all stretched a great deal, making us extremely excited for the adventures to come and the places we’ll go.

From your caciques for the day,

Scarlet and Kyle

P.S- Do not forget to wear a rash guard while snorkeling or else you’ll get the worst sunburn of your life. –Kyle (I’m fine mom)