Who knew such a strong community would turn against each other? Last Friday for our morning exercise we played an Island School version of The Hunger Games, students were excited for a break from swim and run track exercise. At the end of morning circle all students held each other’s hands and waited for the words “May the odds be ever in your favor.” Once those words were said the students, along with some faculty and CEI employees scattered around campus.
Students hold hands and get ready to rush into the "Cornucopia" after circle

The middle of the circle was the “cornucopia” containing the games’ “weapons”: wet socks and rags with a couple of water guns and water weenies. Some teams’ strategies were to run straight for the “weapons,” but many got out pretty quickly while others ran for cover. Once you were hit with a sock or rag you had to go to the “house of pain,” in the boathouse (an abs workout until there was one team left.) After the each game was over another began. The competition was fierce but we all had a lot of fun. Check out our Island School Flickr page to see more pictures of the games and ISFA 2015!

The "House of Pain," also known as ab-track in the boathouse