SCUBA is a powerful part of the Island School experience. It allows the connection between the members of our community and the underwater world to grow deeper – pun intended – by erasing what divides the two. 

Within their first two weeks at the Island School, students take part in a three day SCUBA course through PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors). After three days of spending mornings and afternoons in the water, students will have completed the entire online open water dive course, a series of contained dives during which they will learn and practice dive skills, and at least one open water dive where they will exercise these new skills. It’s an exciting and tiring couple of days! However, by the end of this SCUBA week, every one of our physically capable students will be certified to dive. This means being able to dive as a part of research projects, to go on a night dive, and to explore the waters around Cape Eleuthera during their time at the Island School. 

This week began on Sunday Morning, when half of our students packed up their dry bags and donned their wide-brimmed hats to set off on a three day kayak expedition while the other half of our students slipped into their wetsuits and learned to breathe underwater. On Wednesday, the two groups traded places. By this evening, we will have a campus full of 53 young adults ready for a good night’s sleep, and ready to begin a slightly more regular schedule of academics and research come Monday! Enjoy your peek into The Island School’s SCUBA week!



Music: “Ocean Floor Kisses” by Galimatias