Keenan McMorrow – Advisory is one of the most fun times of the week when you get together with your advisory and plan a fun afternoon.

Claire de Cordova – Advisory is a fun time here at Island School—hours filled with a small group of close friends, having fun while making memories. Two weeks ago, my advisory had the opportunity to REALLY get off campus and embark on new experiences. We had an almost 6-hour advisory time, and decided to take a road trip. We ended up all the way past the settlement of Rock Sound (about a 45-minute trip). On our way, we stopped for contraband at the Rock Sound marketplace. It lived up to the hype, and we all took full advantage of snacks like Oreos and Reese’s’. My favorite part of this stop however was the *free* coffee, which kicked us all into high gear for the rest of our trip. The second wind was real.

Jack Johnston – It was probably one of the best days I’ve had here. The first thing we did was pile up into a van and hit the road. After meeting Ashley’s mom, Ashley brought up the “pineapples”. In our advisory, pineapples symbolize choice. Everyone gets one pineapple so everyone gets one choice of what to do. 

Claire – Each student got one say on something they wanted to do, somewhere they wanted to stop, or a change of direction on the trip. 

Jack – That day I used my pineapple and the whole team followed my idea for the day. I decided to snorkel; Ashley and Alex know exactly where the best spots are. We went to this amazing place.

Annie McGill – For our first advisory, we went down island to “Half Winding Bay”.

Claire – It’s an incredible snorkel spot.

Annie – Once we arrived, we walked on the soft sand until we reached the top of the bay. We got in, and the tide practically pushed us down the bay. It felt like we were in a lazy river, slowly drifting into loads of seagrass beds, and reefs. 

Claire – The current carried us down the shore like a lazy river, as we took videos and pictures of the beautiful wildlife… moments like these always remind me just how lucky I am to be in school here. It’s pretty wild—both literally and figuratively! 

Annie – When I peeked my head down below me, I suddenly noticed a huge stingray gliding across the ocean floor peacefully making its way through the water. After taking some cool videos of me swimming beside it as well as over the top of it, I took a quick breath and explored some more reefs. While diving down and observing the corals, I saw lionfish, sea sponges and a sea urchin. Schools of fish swam endlessly and surrounded me while I was submerged in their underwater world.

Keenan – We spent the whole afternoon together and saw a stingray, a pufferfish, a slippery lobster (super rare), and some lionfish.

Jack –  I saw the stingray and the slippery lobster. There were also some beautiful conch shells and corals.

Claire – Afterwards, our advisory van took off, headed towards a dinner out on the town!

Annie – We were hungry for our next meal.

Claire – After much consideration, we decided on Sammy’s, a local café with great ribs. 

Annie – Once we finally arrived, everyone quickly placed their order and chowed down on some good barbecue and French fries.

Claire – Our group played “hot seat”, a question and answer game, and heard fun stories from everybody.

Keenan – I got the, “Best ribs on Eleuthera.” according to one of the waitresses. Finally, the last length of the journey, but arguably the most fun: the van ride back to school.

Annie – After a great dinner, we got back in the van, played some good driving tunes and ate some good old Oreos and Hershey’s kisses to end the day.

Claire – We left late, with full stomachs, and came home to The Island School just in time for night class. The best part of being in Alex’s advisory is our principle of doing all the incredible things during advisory that we can’t do at home. In the coming weeks, we all hope to see more of the water, land, and explore as much as we can, while we still can! I can’t wait to see what this week brings.

Keenan – Some of the best memories from that day came from riding around in the van, listening to music, and talking to all of my friends. The day in general was awesome.

Jack – It was a Pineapple well spent.

Ellie Adams creatively contributed to her advisory’s blog post with a video that she recorded throughout this beautiful afternoon, featured below. Enjoy!