As we wrap up the Spring ’17 semester here on Eleuthera, students are partaking in a variety of reflective activities and final projects around campus. On Wednesday, students presented what they have been working on for a segment of their Literature and Writing class called “Power, Passion, Voice.” As the third unit of the class, students are granted the opportunity to choose an issue and respectfully convince others to understand their perspective.  

The Literature and Writing course at The Island School is centered around the school’s mission, “Leadership Effecting Change.” As educators, we believe that in order for students to become leaders who are capable of moving others and of making a difference, they must first learn to hear and recognize the perspectives communicated through stories and written word.

The literature covered throughout the semester includes works by various Bahamian and Caribbean authors. This allows our students to broaden the lens through which they view and understand the Bahamas as a country and its citizens as people. Additionally, we seek to hone our students’ writing skills in a variety of genres, including persuasive, expository, short story, and poetry. Our students are excited by the chance to write creatively, as creative writing is, according to them, often only a very small or nonexistent component of English classes back home. Our teachers stress the importance of moving beyond the standard five paragraph essay, telling them, “You wouldn’t be at The Island School if you were incapable of writing a good five paragraph essay; now show me what else you can do.” Lending credence to a variety of writing styles prepares students to move through the world as more articulate citizens and better listeners, both essential characteristics of true leaders. 

By the end of each semester, students are asked to choose their favorite original pieces to be shared through our online publication, Tides. To read some of our students’ and community members’ written works, please visit .